25th July 2014

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Listen/purchase: Wherever I Might Land by Signals Midwest

Cam just sent me a song that describes our feels from the past year to a T.
It was a hard year, but forward momentum is everything right now…

"we hatched a plan in early hours of the morning. i called favors in from family and saved enough to quit my job and there i was, lying to customs agents, trying to get through the border from my hometown through a snowstorm to an airplane to a shuttle to an airplane to a taxi to your door.

and now that i’m here, i couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. and i swear i’ll do my damnedest to express how good it felt to be so welcomed and looked after when i usually bring disaster to wherever i may stand. i know i lucked out when i touched down on dry land.

and we sweated through our t-shirts in the february summer. my amazement riding shotgun. yes, i think i’ll have another because even though my vision’s blurring, i’ve never been so clear on where to go.

now i know that it’s “everywhere i can” and now i’m back home making plans. i’m caught in cycles, looking for some work where i can use my hands. and though our schedules may not always line up, no matter where i am, i would be lucky to call someone like you “friend” wherever i might land.”

24th July 2014

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On Tour: Signals Midwest (Europe)


Signals MidwestOhio’s Signals Midwest have announced their first ever tour of Europe this September. The ban will cover nine countries in the span of 24 days. To support the tour, they have also announced a release of a five-song acoustic EP featuring new songs, alternate/reworked versions of existing songs and a cover song. The EP is titled Wherever I Might Land.

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24th July 2014

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If I can ask one thing when I am dead,
Would you lay me down by the river bed?
Let me wash away,
Let it take me back from where I came,
Cause all I am and all I was is just,
Blood and dirt and bones and mud,
And I’m better off that way

I saw Max play this (one of my all time favourite songs) with Wil Wagner in my favourite pub (in the universe) and I still struggle to explain how perfect it was.

23rd July 2014


Holy shit. Our EU/UK fundraiser EP is the #1 “punk” record on Bandcamp right now. Can’t thank y’all enough for the support.if you haven’t grabbed the EP, yet, get it here.xoxoxo

Holy shit. Our EU/UK fundraiser EP is the #1 “punk” record on Bandcamp right now. Can’t thank y’all enough for the support.

if you haven’t grabbed the EP, yet, get it here.



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21st July 2014

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Does it ever get any easier? Or do we just trudge through our days ‘til the end, through the echo and strain of what we don’t know and haven’t accomplished? I guess you can’t ever force it.

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21st July 2014



This September, we’re crossing the pond for our first-ever tour of Europe and the UK. It covers 9 countries and will have us playing 24 shows in 24 days.

To support the tour, we’re releasing a 5-song acoustic EP called "Wherever I Might Land". It contains a new song, some alternate/reworked versions of old songs, and a cover of one of our favorite bands.

Touring overseas an absolute dream come true, but it’s also proving to be a massive logistical and financial undertaking. Airfare alone costs us $5,000, and that’s before driver/van fees, equipment rental, tolls, shipping merchandise internationally, and keeping 5 people fed and sane for a month in Europe. 

If you have a spare $5 to help us out (or more, if you’d like), it will go directly towards offsetting some of those costs. In return, you’ll get a high-quality digital download of this EP, recorded specifically for this cause. 

Thank you for supporting our little band. It means the world - especially now, in a totally non-hyperbolic way. 

SIGNALS MIDWEST EU/UK SEPT 2014 TOUR DATES (presented by Mighty Vision Entertainment)

05.09.2014 - Volkach (GER) @ Festival 
06.09.2014 - Bielefeld (GER) @ Uberseecontainer 
07.09.2014 - Copenhagen (DK) @ Underwerket 
08.09.2014 - Hannover (GER) @ Monster Records (acoustic) 
09.09.2014 - Iserlohn (GER) @ Rad Room Rehearsals 
10.09.2014 - Dendermonde (BEL) @ JH Zenith 
11.09.2014 - Paris (F) @ La Mecanique Ondulatoire 
12.09.2014 - London (UK) @ Old Blue Last 
13.09.2014 - Manchester (UK) @ Wahlbar 
14.09.2014 - Glasgow (SCO) @ 13th Note 
15.09.2014 - Leeds (UK) @ Santiago Bar 
16.09.2014 - Nottingham (UK) @ The Chameleon Arts Cafe 
17.09.2014 - Birmingham (UK) @ Scruffy Murphys 
18.09.2014 - Cambridge (UK) @ The Portland Arms 
19.09.2014 - Lille (F) @ El Diablo 
20.09.2014 - Diest (BEL) @ Jeugdhuis Tijl 
21.09.2014 - Trier (GER) @ Ex-Haus 
22.09.2014 - Bad Neustadt/Saale (GER) @ Juze 
23.09.2014 - Landshut (GER) @ Wintergarten 
24.09.2014 - Wiener Neustadt (AT) @ Triebwerk 
25.09.2014 - Graz (AT) @ Sub 
26.09.2014 - Micheldorf (AT) @ Baraka 
27.09.2014 - St. Gallen (CH) @ Grabenhalle 
28.09.2014 - Mainz (GER) @ Haus Mainusch

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14th July 2014


midsummer update

Almost recovered from our run of shows with Braid and Pity Sex last week. Definitely one of the best experiences we’ve ever had as a band. Huge love & thanks to everyone involved.

We’ve just got ONE MORE local show for the summer before we head to Europe. It’s on Saturday, 8/30 at Now That’s Class in Lakewood, OH with Hard GirlsBroadcaster and The Public. Call it our Euro tour kickoff show. event here.

Lastly, we have some new music coming your way - like, in a matter of a couple days. Stay tuned for that.


P.S. if you’re in any of these areas over the next two weeks, you can catch Max doing solo sets as Meridian and playing guitar for our friends in The Gunshy.

Fri 07/18 - St. Louis, MO - Foam
Sat 07/19 - Wichita, KS - Lucky’s
Sun 07/20 - Little Rock, AR - Vino’s
Tues 07/22 - Louisville, KY - The New Vintage
Wed 07/23 - Dayton, OH - Canal Street Tavern
Thur 07/24 - Cleveland, OH - Mahall’s (full band)
Fri 07/25 - Columbus, OH - Carabar (full band)
Sat 07/26 - Flint, MI - Sadie Lee House

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14th July 2014

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As I stand here locked in your warm embrace
I’m not sure how I should be feeling.
In a couple of days we’ll be leaving this place
for opposite coasts in a parallel world.

Hypotheticals and scenarios –
What if, what if, what if we could stay?
I could sell back my textbooks and close my accounts
And we could just live for a while.
We could just live for a while.

I just can’t help but feeling
That all of this idle talking is getting me nowhere.
So I planned my life out on a piece of construction paper.
I accounted for every waking second
But the actions behind the words proved to take much more than I thought they would
So I pointed my bow in a westward direction.
So where should I be sailing?
Cause all of this navigation just feels like flailing.

Old jam for Monday.

13th July 2014

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how can i clear my headwhen you occupy whatever space that’s left there?-signals midwest, caricature


how can i clear my head
when you occupy whatever space that’s left there?
-signals midwest, caricature

12th July 2014


Just found @tobiasreif’s original art for our last record

Just found @tobiasreif’s original art for our last record