25th July 2012


7.21.12 - San Antonio, TX

You floated in and out of my life. I’m sure it seemed like the most convenient thing to do at the time. Between bones & skin stretched thin lies a tendency I never could explain. So let me go, cause I’m much better as a memory to you. Retire the phrase “Remember when?” Just let me start over again. I’ll get it right, I’ll get it right all in due time. So find me in the pauses between conversations. The little aches and pains that we ignore but will always linger there. I always heard the devil lies in the details, but it seems to me that we build the greatest monuments to the things we know but leave unsaid. Dig ourselves into the dirt in our best shoes and favorite shirts.  We’ll break pencils and dry up pens on letters we’ll write but never send. Talk of adventure all our lives but stay confined behind state lines. 

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