25th September 2012

Audio post reblogged from Being Stupid Together

we never play this song. maybe we’ll start!


more memories of this summer:

Thoughts become words become actions become habits become cycles you get stuck in.

So let’s leave.

We can eat when we’re hungry.

We can sleep when we’re tired.

We can live the way we want to.

Let’s get lost.

And we?

We were kids.

We were strangers.

We were pilgrims.

We were traveling for the sake of seeing something that we hadn’t.

And I admit: I was shaken by the words of a stranger.

I asked him, “What do you do in a town like this?”

He said, “Everybody’s working just to get out of here.”

But is here any better than there?

Or is it all just gas stations, truck stops and commercial developments?

And is home any place that you feel you belong?

I don’t care just what state we’re in.

Keep the odometer spinning.

Let me make it back there because I know just how naïve I was.