24th April 2011

Post reblogged from DELAY


i was 14 when i played my first show.  it was at a place called the grog shop in cleveland heights, ohio.  that show was headlined by a band called delay and until then i had never seen a band play as fast or as loud as they did.  my perception of shows and music in general changed that night.  plus, delay covered “just like frank” by less than jake, which i thought was pretty damn cool.  okay, it’s still cool and i love that song.

nearly a decade after that show (okay, 8 years) delay is consistently making honest, fast, catchy pop-punk that melts hearts and faces alike.  ryan and austin remain as two of the most important people in the ohio punk scene and have been putting on shows all over cleveland and columbus for over 10 years now.  they are also two of the masterminds behind the annual Berea Fest, the sixth incarnation of which is taking place this year on july 15th and 16th (and which we were just confirmed for - stoked!).

anyway, delay just posted a bunch of free songs you can and should download.  my favorite full-length of theirs is their newest one “plain language”, but if you really want to find a hidden gem you should visit their site below, click “music”, scroll all the way down to the record “tuning out” and download “way too fast”.  still my favorite delay song to date.


Click music

Click the album picture

and you will get a few little treats.


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