15th October 2012


this is happening on wednesday. first IIOI full-band show EVER.  you’d be a fool to miss it. don’t be a fool. get tickets here

this is happening on wednesday. first IIOI full-band show EVER.  you’d be a fool to miss it. don’t be a fool. get tickets here

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24th May 2012


Digging through the archives & found this.  Defiance, OH + Sidekicks + Shady Ave + Signals Midwest. June 19, 2010.

Digging through the archives & found this.  Defiance, OH + Sidekicks + Shady Ave + Signals Midwest. June 19, 2010.

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9th April 2012



Tonight was NUTS. Probably the rowdiest crowd we’ve ever played for. Thanks so much to all who attended.  If anyone has any pictures from the show, we’d love to see ‘em!  Email SIGNALSMIDWEST AT GMAIL DOT COM. For real.

Next up we’ve got STAY SWEET FEST in Richmond, Virginia. The lineup is insanely good.  We play Saturday 4/14 at 4:30, right between Candy Hearts and The World Is A Beautiful Place… EVENT PAGE

We’ve also got a local show coming up at DAG HOUSE in Tremont (Cleveland) on Saturday 4/21 with Two Hand Fools, Ultra Ultra, and some of our best friends from California. EVENT PAGE

After that, we’ve got 3 days with Restorations coming up in May that will take us down to Charlotte and Durham, and then up to DC.  After that we’ve got WMC Fest in Cleveland in early June, and then a west coast/midwest tour in July/August.  Oh yeah, and we’re playing THE FEST 11 this year.  That’s a lot!  Check out all upcoming shows HERE.  Basically…SEE YA SOOON!

P.S. I seriously can’t get over how good DELAY was tonight. They have a new album called “Rushing Ceremony” that you can and should hear and purchase HERE

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5th April 2012


ramblin’ again

so last night i stayed up until some ungodly hour cataloguing every show we’ve ever played as Signals Midwest.  i dug through folders within folders tucked away in other folders, logged into our myspace account for the first time in months (years? yikes.), tore through internet searches and emails, and racked my brain for anything i could remember.  i dove into the past headfirst and surfaced a few hours later with a pretty good list.

lists are strange because they can be simultaneously comforting and terrifying.  comforting in the sense that they organize large amounts of information into some semblance of manageable order.  terrifying in the sense that they can absolutely overwhelm you with feelings of responsibility, nostalgia, wonder, longing, excitement and anxiety…the combination of which is not very conducive to trying to get to sleep because you have to go to your desk job in the morning.

my point is that looking at this list hit me really hard.  i thought about our first show, and how the cops came 15 seconds into the first song we ever played as a band.  i thought about our first out-of-state show in Pittsburgh at 222 Ormsby and the amazing friendships that grew out of that trip.  i thought about driving down to Columbus to pick up our first-ever run of CDs and sitting on the steps of the Monster House, staring at one in my hands and grinning like an idiot.  i thought about our first tour (in an SUV!).  i thought about when jeff joined and how much it changed the way we sound and the way we work together.  i thought about our first test pressing.  i thought about putting our first-ever 12” LPs together with my brother and sister at my parents’ dining room table.  i thought about the first time we saw the west coast last summer.  i thought about the thousands of dollars in gasoline we’ve burned through, the piles of fast food we’ve inhaled on the road, the great friends we’ve made, the places we’ve slept, the deep conversations and disagreements and inside jokes and everything we’ve shared as a band over the past few years.

this is getting a little too sentimental.  there are thousands of bands who are more talented, dedicated and just generally light years better than us.  but it’s not about that.  it’s about how i feel ridiculously lucky to have come this far.  it’s something that so few people get to experience.

when it comes down to it, the average person doesn’t even go to concerts on a regular basis, and music is usually just something they have in the background while their minds are focused elsewhere.  to have been to so many places where people might actually be marginally interested in four awkward kids from Ohio flailing away at their instruments is something that i don’t take for granted, even for a second.

anyway, here’s an imperfect list of every show we’ve ever played (and most of the bands we’ve played with, though I’ve definitely forgotten a bunch of them).  click HERE to check it out.

also, if you remember a show that isn’t on here, let us know! signalsmidwest@gmail.com.

- max/SMW

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28th March 2012



We’re hitting the road and heading west again this summer.  Dates marked TBA are in the works.  If you can help out with a date or know someone who can, please email jeff@beartrappr.com or signalsmidwest@gmail.com.  See you soon!



Sat 14 Chicago, IL

Sun 15 La Crosse, WI - TBA

Mon 16 Davenport, IA/Rock Island, IL - TBA

Tue 17 Lawrence, KS - TBA

Thu 19 Oklahoma City, OK

Fri 20 Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

Sat 21 Austin, TX

Mon 23 El Paso, TX/Las Cruces, NM

Tue 24 Tucson, AZ

Wed 25 Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa, AZ - TBA

Thu 26 Las Vegas, NV - TBA

Fri 27 Pomona, CA - VLHS*

Sat 28 San Diego, CA* - TBA

Sun 29 LA/Ventura, CA* - TBA

Mon 30 CA* (Santa Cruz?)

Tue 31 CA* Fresno, CA* - TBA


Wed 1 Bay Area, CA*

Thu 2 San Francisco, CA* - TBA

Fri 3 Portland, OR - Laughing Horse Books

Sat 4 Seattle, WA

Sun 5 Bellingham, WA - TBA

Mon 6 Boise, ID

Tue 7 Salt Lake City/Ogden/Provo, UT

Wed 8 Denver, CO - Blast-O-Mat

Thu 9 Lincoln/Omaha, NE

Fri 10 Bloomington, IL

Sat 11 Indianapolis, IN - TBA

Sun 12 Cleveland, OH - Now That’s Class

* = w/ The French Exit

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15th March 2012


the first two songs from our record release show at Now That’s Class last month.  many thanks to Corey Willis of Annabel for the video work.  sorry for the blown-out audio.

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12th February 2012


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17th January 2012



Our brand new split 7” with The French Exit is officially out today via Solidarity Recordings and On The Real Records. Four brand new, previously unreleased songs. Two from each band!  There are four different color variations: coke bottle clear, translucent brown, translucent yellow and black.


Stream it here at Punknews!

Buy it from the labels here: SOLIDARITY & ON THE REAL

You can also find it on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Interpunk.

There were a ton of people who made this happen, but a huge thank you goes out to Randy Stahl, Marty Ploy, Tim Burkert, Donna Baluchi, and the French Exit dudes. We love you very much.


Limited pressing of 500.  100 clear, 100 brown, 100 yellow, 200 black.

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16th January 2012


The Treehouse. Philadelphia, PA. 1/7/12.

Photos by the mega-talented Blake Larson 

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